Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You and Me,NO future, Just History

In the oblivion which is your past life
I will fade away like old white
The skies will be blue,
The sun will still shine,
All will be d same
Except you won’t be mine
The cloudless skies will cry
The mourning widow will smile
When you will look back
And think for me a while
The eyes will be old,
The wrinkles added,
A few years down the line,
My memory faded
The beach walks,
The candles burnt
The nights in each other’s arms
Every second spent
The hurried kisses,
The tight embraces,
Stolen in the light
Hiding amongst the faces.
Everything wiped out
Will seem a dream
The darkness of the thought
Makes me scream
The rules don’t keep us together
To break them is not a choice
Lost in all this chaos,
I think I just lost my voice
With a life together not an option
I let it all go
May I be forgotten
If you want to
So Live me while you can
And let me live you
Till life leaves me
And love leaves you