Saturday, January 9, 2016

Let's GO

Let's go back in time,
Let's turn the clock,
Let's shut all the windows,
And doors we lock.

Let just there be you and me,
And love like never before,
Let's just be happy and satisfied,
Secretly hoping for more,

Let's long for each other,
Even when we are together,
Be my breeze and take me away,
Let me be your feather.

Let's forget the world for a while,
Let the seasons change and snow melt,
Let's make each other feel things,
Which none of us have ever felt.

Let's take those long walks again,
With our fingers entwined,
Let's do what we never did before,
Oh then how we pined,

Let's smile some more,
Let's cry some more,
Let's just be together,
Let there be no questions,
No perhaps, no buts
No what if or whether.

Let's not question anymore,
Let's just be,
Let's go back in past,
Let's just be you and me.