Thursday, June 3, 2010


The lonely souls beckon me at last,
I run to them, reach their fast,
I sing to them all night long,
The beautiful eternal love song
But when I am lonely,
there is no one to sing,
Even my bells don’t chime,
Ha! Such a lousy writer I have become,
Now even my poems don’t rhyme...


  1. Haven't you heard of blank verse?
    Good work, though.
    Also, did you mean "there" in line 2?

  2. Oh please excuse prolific dyslexic up there. he is a sweet guy n all. but i believe poetry doesn't rest in the words and grammar, as much as in the thoughts.

  3. @gaurav thanx a lot for the rescue and yeah i love the way you think..:).. but i kinda like every comment,. good or bad, not too sound miss two goody shoes but yeah i do .. :)..thanx anyways both of ya..:)