Sunday, October 17, 2010


I stare through the cage
I see you
I bark out loud
you stare at me
smile,then mingle
into the crowd
I wag my tail a bit
once or twice I jump
just to please you
oh a joker I have become
my eyes beg to you
to save me from this hell
all you say is 'awww'
nothing rings a bell
you ruffle me for a moment
then look into my eyes
I ask you questions
you don't understand my whys
every action futile
I droop down
and then may be you understand
cuz I see a frown
till I was shouting
u wanted to hug me tight
once I have lost my strength
you want to keep me aside
You lifted me high in your arms
And put me back down to earth
I thought you desired to do me a good turn
Sigh, you turned your back on me,
and thus!behind these grills I return


  1. i loved the way you opens scope for many possibilities of deciphering the meaning as the poem unfolds. good work

  2. @keymaker thanks a lot..:) @harshita aww.. dont be sad sweetheart.. :) @harish thanks..:)

  3. when I started reading, it was a bit weird, as in I was thinking this could be better, but as the poem moved forward, I was in a flow. By the end, I was really curious, interested, say involved. Good really. Keep it up. :)

  4. nice!
    and taking it on an another level, this could also be said about humans feelings abandoned by God behind the grills of this bodily existence!

  5. @adee it was kind of a sattire i used for the human mind.:).. thanx @abhinandan thanx..:)