Monday, December 20, 2010

The life I left behind..

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts"

Shakespeare said that...let’s see how it applies in the normal college life...

A normal day in the normal college, national institute of fashion technology. I am in the class, as usual not paying attention and lost in my own world of thoughts and words in a corner scribbling away to glory and half heartedly listening to what our guest faculty has to say.
One of the four air conditioners is working. Someone is playing with her pen, the tic-tac echoing around. There are people playing with their hair, some reading a book, a murmur of silence surrounds the whole classroom.
The backbenchers are as usual sitting behind. Discussing some things (I leave the topic of discussion for the readers to guess, but mind it, it was nowhere near boring). A giggle here, a giggle there, fills the whole back of the classroom.
The geeks a.k.a speckyees (now replaced by lenses) are sitting in front glued to every word he utters, noting down every syllable, every sigh, every a, an ,the, mentioned. The sleepers of the class a.k.a getting –bored-not-interested- are yawning and already half asleep, fighting to keep their eyes open and half of them perched on their neighbour’s shoulders. Suddenly they slip down the shoulder and realise that they are ain class and thus the lost fight to not sleep begins again.
Then there are the second or the third benchers, mediocre writing at times and at times looking bored, basically they are just confused wondering whether to be the geek or the outrageous back bencher. These are also known as the average normal kids. Then there are the male starved females (couldn’t find a better term) , who for today are next to the front benchers, batting their eyelashes , a half smile on their faces, pretending to be glued to every word said, lips tucked behind their teeth , they kind of swooning , as if every word he’s saying is the elixir of life.
Then the usual wannabees, fashionistas, jocks, nerds, all who need no introduction. Then the lovers without whom every class is incomplete. Who may be not sitting very close, are exchanging glances and smiles whose meaning only they know. Exchanging whispers, stares and smiles, oblivious to anything happening, around, just existing for each other. As cheesy as it sounds. It’s completely true.
A joke suddenly cracked bonding the whole class, while it lasts, every one listening to the same thing for a while, forgetting their roles in the class and being just a simple student for once. Well that it.
A subtotal of everyone present.
And then last but not the least “me”. What am I? In which category do I fall into? What am I doing here not concentrating on the lecture and observing the around and writing. Well you could say just a simple crazy foolish intelligent WORDISTA...


  1. girl....u make me crave for more of your posts :) awesome :) the description specially is really nice..

  2. aww.. how can i ever thank you for your little lines of appreciation which mean so much.. love you ujju.. u are the best..:)

  3. ahh ,,, thats a beautiful piece yaar ... loved it a lot... Wordista :)

  4. thanks a lot.. just described an hour.. my 4 years were are indescribable..:)

  5. my dear lovely sis, Love the post! you took me back to my college days! :)

  6. :).. aww.. well college is the most beautiful time of ones life..:).. thanks a lot..:)

  7. nice one!! sumtin dat hapens in evry coleg!! i gues u spend a lot o tym observin! ;)

  8. well thats what i like to do.. the writer in me loves dat..:).. thanks btw..:)

  9. nice one..
    some suggestions though...
    First of all NIFT is not what u call a normal college. Secondly, never ever sit on a back bench, your a giggle here and a giggle there will kill guys like me and the braver ones will be in comma for too long or every horror movie in this world will become a comedy for them. If i may suggest, u should sit on the first bench... the horror of you will only be received by the only deserving person in every class.. a.k.a. Professor.....

    Hows That... ha ha ha ha...