Friday, April 9, 2010


We all come with big dreams, big aspirations to this city. We all come here to fulfill our dreams which we have been dreaming since we were kids. We come to this city to make new friends, to lose ourselves in this city and be a part of it. We come to this city for being everything we are not and everything we want to become, but as we come here what happens to us? Do we still remain the friendly, chirpy, going out in the evenings, having fun person or we become an unfriendly person with constant tension. With a mask on our faces that does not show any emotion, does not show whatever is going inside and we are mere carcasses with a bit of life in us. May be your heart cries but the mask eyes don't show it,not wet at all, may be you are joyous but the mask's lips don't even curve. Ah! Such is this city. You come here in search of something and in the end lose yourself in the crowds.
Do you even know your neighbor's or even the person sitting next to you on everyday basis name?

You have friends but are they true bosom friends or just some people you need to hang around with. Well as you can see you come to this city to make a change and the city changes you. Your priorities change, your emotions, feelings, thoughts change. Is it the city or we ourselves change us to fit in?
Ah! tough one , but not one that the heart cannot answer..


  1. What is your answer? I would want to know.

  2. If i m not mistaken, i had read another article of urs...which surprisingly was a complete contrast to this one...but it was not on this blog

  3. yeh hain mumbai meri jaan.. and like i always say, its difficult to keep a laughing face when fighting a storm within.

  4. aunty these are the type of people i see evryday. was not talking about myself. that blog was abt me and this one is about what this city does to you. @harshita well i would say we all are always the unlonely.. arent we all.. @alok thank ya..:) all smiles...

  5. Though I love this city but it always reminds me of the song 'Mad World' by Gary Jules...