Friday, March 12, 2010

culture shock

There I stood with big dreams in my eyes at the nift gate, all those expectations of my parents and zzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!duh its boring.....too senti I guess but that was the way I thought before I came here with those stereotypical filmy script kind of.....nift changed me Or to be more specific nift Mumbai changed me. I was a small town girl once (now I live in a bigger 1) considered to b the black sheep because i opted nt to bcum a doctor or an engineer just like my all other cousins so all i cud do was promise my mommy to study hard and packed my bags. Now a girl who has never been amongst people who smoke and every time there was emraan hashmi on the TV had to change the channel had a shock reaching here...
Guys and gals all smoking around, girls dressed in clothes I just saw on the tv,even the guys dressed in a different way(depends how different the guy is),then those late night parties (Gosh I never stayed out after 9 o clock max.) with the alcohol consumption, people getting really (read really really) cosy at times. All of this was completely unexpected.
Guess nift is all about expecting the unexpected, still more was yet to come, and suddenly there were so many couples around. It’s kind of a trend and like clothes you need to discard them sooner or else they smell i guess.
Anyways it did teach me things never thought or heard of,like always following the fashion, the difference between a fashion victim and a fashion follower ,u can really joke with the teachers, vogue being the fashion bible ,boot cuts are totally out and a lot of things that will help me all along.
No doubt with all that smoke and smooch around it was difficult to adjust at first but now its a part of my life and as the saying goes , hate the sin and not the sinner, i love all the people around. Its me living here loving here.

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