Monday, March 8, 2010

I want it all

This women’s day let’s make a list of all the things we women want

1- Want to change the world, want world peace and blah blah and blah.
2- Want the prices of Gucci, Prada and jimmy choo to be slashed by 80%.
3- Want every guy around to pay compliment to us like all the time.
4- Want all the guys to start working out. No more paunches and male boobs for us.
5- Want the big brands to make bigger sizes.
6- Want today’s size 6 to be tomorrow’s size zero.
7- Want all the male hunky actors to take us on a date.
8- Want all the good things in life
9- Now body shop products should be cheaper.
10- Cheese and chocolate should taste the same but shouldn’t have any calories.
11- No matter what we eat, shouldn’t gain weight
12- Pimples should be eradicated like small pox
13- Want separate washrooms for men and women in every house.
14- Hair fall shouldn’t exist along with dandruff.
15- Plastic surgery should become ease as chewing gum.
16- Those fairness creams should actually start working.
17- Want to have a personal private band all to ourselves playing every song live on our command.
18- Wrinkles should start coming from the age of 65.
19- Please please no pain during child birth.
20- Tired of being a mom, aunty, sister, this and that and everything, just want to me for a change.


  1. fairytale turning towards reality. desires towards possibilities, distant. good chain of thoughts, could have hold on better.
    waiting for some classics! cheers.

  2. 21. i want to date megan
    22. i wanna Get rich as Mr.gates !
    Anyways very nice post rati :) following ur blog now :)

  3. Wow! this one sums it all up precisely.

    Wish that could happen though *sigh* :)

    Who knows someday it DOES happen!! Nice n honest write-up ;)

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