Saturday, March 20, 2010

The dog poo

What with these guys and their mentality. When dating they need a girl very outgoing and passionate and someone who is ready to experiment and go places but when it comes to marriage They want to be the guy who loves his mother the most and would want to marry the most docile girl around. Have no clue if they will ever grow up and learn. Do they know that we live in what century and just using the latest gizmos and gadgets and talking about how you adore the latest technology won’t make him the man of today? It’s just the pretentious feel in his mind that’s making him do it. What a dufus! Lets come face to face with the demands of their when it comes to a girl friend. She has to be hot and very sexy, would love if she wears fashionable clothes. She should be something I should be proud off while displaying her in front of my friends and when it comes to marriage, well she should be pretty, should have never had a boyfriend and should have worn anything beyond a simple salwar kurta. She should know how to cook, be very clean and should have higher education though I wouldn’t like her to work after marriage.
Hypocritism has a new warrior my friends. In the olden times at least the guys were on your face kind of guys. What they want was stereotypical and at least the girl knew what she was stepping into but now the so called today’s man in even more confused and confusing. On face he would pretend to be the space giving, unrestricting kind of a man but the show is about to begin. Initially after pretending like that his book of demands will reveal itself and then is when you know how rotten the dog poo is, on which you have stepped into.
when dating he would want the girl to enjoy and have fun and be the modern girl she is and later when the mother sitting at home is after his life to get a bahu just like she is, the guy will rush to his girlfriend and say sentences like “I guess it’s not working out “ or “my parents would never approve of you” or “you are not someone I can spent my life with”. What they need to do is get a spine on rent at least for that moment and tell the girl that what I need is not a fiery one who may be will have the guts to oppose me when I do anything wrong and may will fight me but I need that docile girl who won’t open her mouth and let me do anything I want and will serve me food regularly and clean my house at intervals. They should say that I don’t need a queen for my house but a servant who I don’t have to pay and I can sleep with too whenever I want to.
It’s not very difficult to say is it. At least we girls won’t be left wondering that maybe it was our fault and they are the reason. That is even worst. Getting punished for the crime you never did.
Wow. Isn’t truth real bitter? But it is the truth. Isn’t it?


  1. the anger the best dress possible :) +100